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Sustainability at GFL is an integral part of our business and goes beyond economic, legal or regulatory motives. The Company is committed to mitigated the social and ecological impact of its business and works towards being a responsible global organization by implementing work processes and systems to create long lasting value for business, environment and society.

The Company's continued focus on good corporate governance is strengthened by our commitment to Sustainable Development. We aim to follow and promote sustainable business practices and to co- create sustainable business value for our stakeholders to achieve their sustainability goals. We believe that environmentally sustainable business operations will empower us to create a sustainable future.

The Company recognizes the impacts of its business operations on the 3key pillars of Sustainability namely People, Planet & Profit. Hence it makes continuous efforts to optimize efficiency across the environmental, social and governance framework of the company. It encourages involvement to falls take holders & ensures that the policy is well communicated, implemented, monitored and reviewed periodically.
People Connect

Generating sustainability awareness among associates, customers, investors and society
Ensuring a safe and motivated work environment for associates

Fostering a climate of Social responsibility and volunteering towards the community

Resource optimization of electricity, energy & water so as to reduce carbon emissions & waste
Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Ensure appropriate access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all employees in our premises

Set, monitor and review environmental targets on a regular basis toward achieving continuous improvement.
Business Model

De-risking and mitigating climate risks
Co-creating sustainable business value for our clients, customers, investors and other stakeholders

Leveraging industry best practices to help achieves take holder sustainability goals

Engaging with other organizations and industry associations to actively advocate for positive change in the various sectors we operate
Integrating Sustainability as part of our business strategies

Maintaining accountability and transparency in our sustainability management system.

Continually improving our sustainability performance
We continuously try build transparency by publishing the sustainability details to employees, customers and all other stakeholders.
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