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GFL operates  one of the single largest  and most efficient Refrigerant plant in India. The Plant was set up in October 1989, under the guidance & expertise from M/s Stauffer Chemicals USA and Pennwalt Corporation of USA, and the current  installed capacity of refrigerant gases is 25,000 tons annum.
Since inception, the plant technology has  undergone  continuous up-gradation  for improved quality specifications, recoveries, valorisation of by-products, energy conservation, environment and safety controls etc; through in-house technological improvement initiatives. This has enabled  GFL to retain its competitive edge in the global market.  The manufacturing plant also has its own captive co-generation plant operating at high fuel efficiency to produce electricity and process steam.
The HCFC 22 Refrigerant quality conforms with ARI 700-2006 quality standards. The plant also has the capability to manufacture and supply special grade HCFC 22 with 99.999 (+) % purity for applications, such as, in the manufacture of specialty chemicals and  fluoro-polymers.
GFL is pioneer in India to produce high purity Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride (AHCl) and market in returnable cylinders of 32 Kg packing size. This plant which involves high pressure cryogenic distillation of HCl,  is first of its kind in India and third in Asia and has an installed capacity of around 6000 tons per annum. GFL also provides complete delivery system for safe transfer of Anhydrous HCl from the Gas Cylinders to the end users plant equipment. The product is well accepted and approved  for pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals application. GFL also undertakes turnkey contract for onsite pickling of pipelines and equipment.
The plant for manufacturing Refrigerant & Anhydrous Hydrogen chloride is at Village Ranjitnagar, situated at around 57 km from Vadodara, a major commercial town of Gujarat state well connected via Air, Road and Railways.
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