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Dahej Manufacturing Facilities
Quality Policy
It is the Policy of M/s Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited to adhere to the Quality Standards in all Products and Services delivered to both Domestic and International Customers to meet the Customers' expectations of Quality Products in the stipulated time frame and to their satisfaction through continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

Every employee is responsible for achievement of Quality in his/her area of operation.
Quality Objectives

To understand the requirements of Domestic and International Customers and to offer technically and commercially competitive Products with flexibility to meet the expectations of the Customers.

To work towards achieving total Customers' Satisfaction through consistent Product Quality, timely delivery and effective Communication.

To respond to Feedback from Customers in the shortest possible time.

To Achieve continual improvement by
(a) involving personnel at all levels and
(b) by progressive improvement in Quality of Operation of the various Processes with benchmarking of the targets.

Adopting suitable practices for maintaining safe and healthy environment and to meet Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

To have continual improvement, develop employees by identifying their Training needs and providing appropriate Training.
Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

We, at M/s Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited, are committed to promote pollution-free environment; and maintain safe and healthy working conditions by constantly guiding all our activities within a consciously recognized and adopted set of standards.


We are committed to,

Improve our Environmental, Health and Safety performance continually for prevention of adverse impacts in all areas of operations.

Impact awareness to employees and contractors to make the working environment safe by adopting safe work practices.

Comply with applicable EHS Legislations and other requirements related to identified Environmental Aspects and Occupational Health and Safety Hazards.

Encourage and promote waste minimization, energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Periodically analyze information on EHS performance to up-grade our Processes, Systems and Facilities and
to enhance effectiveness of the Environment, Health and Safety Management System through regular Audits and Managements Reviews.
Ranjit Nagar Manufacturing Facility
GFL has robust system of quality assurance right from Raw Materials to Finished products.

The Quality Control Laboratory is fully equipped with all Instruments necessary for testing Refrigerants as per ARI 700- 2006 standards, and also for testing all the raw materials which go into making the Refrigerants.

For Special Grade HCFC 22 and Anhydrous HCl, sophisticated Instruments are provided to measure low level impurities.

GFL also has fully equipped facilities for Environment Monitoring like BOD, COD, SPM, PM, pH, Fluoride in water, NOx, SOx etc.

Statistical Analysis is done periodically to ensure robustness of the system.

GFL believes in Quality Control in manufacturing, Final Product quality compliance, Packaging, Handling and storage, Transportation and delivery to the customer.   This is achieved through a well defined and documented systems, check lists and procedures which forms part of the  Integrated Management System (IMS) which covers Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS). The  Refrigerant Business Unit is certified for ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, and OHSAS 18001-2007 with the following underlying philosophy incorporated in IMS Policy statement.

Product Quality : Manufacture and supply products of desired Quality.
Customer Satisfaction : Ensure that every employee in GFL, Ranjitnagar focuses on fulfilment of the Customers’ (internal and external both) expectations.
Sensitivity to Environment : Every employee of GFL, Ranjitnagar is equally sensitive and committed to pollution prevention, waste reduction, resource conservation and environmental protection.
Occupational Health & Safety : Promote a safe and healthy work culture in GFL, Ranjitnagar by committing to prevention of occupational injury and illnesses, by managing and addressing occupational health and safety risks in the workplace.
Legal Compliances : To bring effect to the underlying policy, the entire team of GFL, Ranjitnagar shall be sensitive to and compliant with all applicable laws and other requirements that relate to quality, environmental aspects and occupational health and safety.
Continual Improvement : Every employee in GFL, Ranjitnagar shall appreciate the need to continually improve QEHS systems and performance, by raising the bar at appropriate intervals of time.
Training & Development : For improvement on a continual basis, planned Training and Developmental Programs would be an integral part of GFL’s operational systems.
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