Sustainability Report

GFL recognizes that in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace, sustainability must be embedded in the way we do business. We strive to integrate the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability into our core business strategy. Being a signatory of the UNGC, we are committed to the 17 UN SDGs as we believe that business plays an important role in developing solutions to these challenges. In the long run, globally, the Chemical Industry will have to operate within stringent environmental parameters, ensure to drastically reduce emission/wastage and conduct business in a socially and environmentally aware community. We at GFL understand this global paradigm shift and are making our organization future ready.

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Sustainability Across Everything We Do

At GFL, long term sustainable growth is enabled through top leadership commitment, a strong value system and ethical orientation as the DNA of a company’s corporate culture and is implemented and visible across all our business activities.

Responsible Growth Commitment & Approach

For GFL, sustainability is intrinsically embedded as a core organizational competency and in its competitive positioning as well as stakeholder engagement. Contributing to sustainable development has always been and has become even more important an element of our overall corporate strategy. We are and will continue to be increasingly focussed on sustainable and socially responsible corporate behaviour in everything we do.

Responsible Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality

Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect in formulating our business strategy for achieving the triple bottom line objectives of ensuring Responsible Growth which is Secure, Sustainable, Green. Our continuous interactions, communication and consultations with stakeholders enable exchange of opinions and views, helping us in creating shared value and positive outcomes.

Responsible Community Development

GFL aims to ‘Energize, Involve and Enable Communities to realize their Potential’ through its CSR initiatives. We undertake projects and schemes for social and economic development of the communities in and around the areas where our plants are located.

Responsible Social Accountability

Being a globally responsible entity, we accept that organizational success requires stable economies and healthy, skilled and educated workers among other factors. We believe our employees are the biggest strength and the most valuable asset. We provide a wide canvas where people are encouraged to unleash their innovative spirit to make the business win and grow.

Responsible People Care

For us “Safety is A Value-Not just A Priority” to be lived in all our endeavours. The Company is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and the public while meeting Company’s business needs. In accordance with its provisions, the Company ensures adherence to the standards and regulatory norms, thereby providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Responsible Marketing

We understand that marketing activities and customer expectations are dynamic. Traditionally, profit maximization has been the primary objective of marketing activities and product price, quality and delivery were the customer expectations. However, as part of our overall sustainability strategy, we have adopted a much broader and more inclusive approach in our marketing activities.

Responsible and Sustainable Procurement

Our Sustainable Procurement Strategy forms an indivisible part of the Company’s overall commitment to sustainability. As part of the sustainable procurement strategy, GFL ensures that transactions are transparent, risks are lowered, purchases are cost effective and stakeholder relationships enhanced.

Responsible and Ethical Business

We are committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of fraud, bribery and all other forms of corrupt business practices. We conduct all our business activities with honesty, integrity and the highest possible ethical standards, and vigorously enforce our business practice, wherever we operate, of not engaging in bribery, corruption or extortion with any government officials or any person for or on behalf of the Company.

Responsible Environmental Care

We consider ourselves responsible for mitigating not just the social and environment impact of our business but also helping resolve various social and environmental issues present in our society. We aim to follow and promote sustainable business practices and co-create sustainable business value for our stakeholders.

Our ESG Goals

Taking forward our pledge to promote ‘Value through Green chemistry’ and with our expertise in fluorine chemistry, we aim to deliver innovative and exceptional solutions for demanding applications. We consistently focus on clean processes that aid in the development of customized solutions and at the same time being environmental friendly.

Social Accountability & Human Right Progress

The culture of integrity and compliance in GFL starts at the top. Foundation of the human rights approach at GFL is its commitment to ensuring responsible social accountability fair compensation and safe working conditions in factories throughout its global supply chain. The Company is committed to sustaining and upholding the UNGC Ten principles in the areas of Labor and Human Rights which is structured around the three independent but interrelated pillars of the ‘Protect, Respect & Remedy’ Framework.