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GFL has started the production of Fluoroelastomers (branded as Fluonox), also commonly called as FKM or FPM. Fluonox FKM is engineered for long term protection to meet demanding sealing applications under high temperature and pressure, aggressive and corrosive chemicals environment which are most commonly found conditions in Industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Food and Pharmaceutical. Fluonox FKM can be widely used in processes like Injection, Extrusion, Transfer moulding and Compression moulding.
It can widely be used in applications like O-rings, Molded parts, Bonded seals, Hoses, Gaskets etc.
We are currently producing FKM in following classifications:
  • Dipolymer (VDF + HFP) Pre-compound (Bisphenol AF cure incorporated)
  • Terpolymer (VDF + HFP + TFE) Raw gum
Currently, our Dipolymer grades are available in 25, 40 and 45 mooney viscosity, 66% Fluorine content and structured in medium and high cross linking types. Terpolymers are planned with 30 mooney viscosity and 68-69% Fluorine content.
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